Jeremy Van Wert MFT

Jeremy Van Wert MFT

Masculinity must actively work to define itself for its own sake in the midst of fragmented messages, distractions, and entertainment about male archetypes in our society. Beyond macho, bellicose, passive, or caricature, it is masculine to be thoughtful, careful, kind, knowledgeable, well read, solidly rounded, and take the time to explore the meaning, dreams, and passions in the heart of every man. Masculinity in itself is never the denial of pain or hollow displays of showman strength. Masculinity is the acceptance of reality and the effort to strive to zeniths of personal potential, adventure, and thoughtful direction.

Lack of direction and superficiality is literally killing men in the western hemisphere. Self-doubt, depression, anxiety, fear, lack of fulfilment, passivity, and addiction are all symptoms of a global imbalance in male culture. Men fill these voids with sex, alcohol, naked ambition, and nice guy behavior, growing emptier each passing year.  The well rounded thinker needs no vice or compensatory measure to pretend contentment, wholeness, or personal strength.

Consciously Masculine promotes honesty, self-seeking, thoughtfulness, wisdom, balance, and clarity about who we are as men, husbands, boyfriends, humans, and thinkers. You won’t find articles about babes, watches, or super cars here. Masculinity is far beyond those things. Join the movement to find your center as a man of the mind. Be unstoppable in your direction, foundation, values, and reject the superficiality that is so destructive to men in our culture.